(Last Updated On: 2nd January 2017)

Lands End To Lowestoft Diary – Part 1

The Challenge

The New Year is here and I can avoid it no longer. For the third year on the trot I have signed up to a challenge that is the exercise equivalent of having eyes bigger than your stomach.

The most Western to the most Eastern part of England or L2L for short.

It involves starting at Lands End on Friday 26th May at 2000 and finishing at Lowestoft at some point on the Bank Holiday Monday. We will ride through the first night, sleep through the second and ride through the third.

Just normal guys doing normal things. Yeah right.                Fuck.

In numbers that is….

  • 447 Miles (720km)
  • 27,621 ft of climbing (8,418m)
  • oh, and 9 idiots

We we do this stuff I don’t know. Well I do. Their names are Duncan and Keith and every year they drive us to new heights of stupidity. I kind of see them like that incredible teacher you had at school. You hate them for pushing you so hard but treasure them eternally for making you do so. In this instance though their is one key difference. They are daft enough to not only push but do it with us! More fool them!

We’ve done similar challenges before (see Biggleswade to Paris as an example) but this is going to be something else!

The Route

Stage 1

Stage 2

Training Plan

As the self style ‘King Of The Ultra Organised’ today I sat down to plan out my training for the next few months. 

With 447 miles to do across 3 days what is clear is I need to get some big miles in. Being a retailer the run up to Xmas is always tough so it’s been a while since I’ve had a big week. I decided on a slow build up through January followed by ever increasing rides with rest weeks built in.

I have just planned in the long ride for each week and am planning on trying to get 3 rides in a week with a recovery ride and also something shorter and faster every 7 days. These can be done depending on when I get time off and may have to be completed on the turbo trainer. Most weeks I only tend to take 1 full day off which is a Saturday or Sunday so the other rides will just have to fit in as and when.

Whilst the miles are going to be brutal what is going to be a real killer is the time. Going to be big chunks of days off going missing over the coming months, but this is not a challenge that can be face into lightly.

My plan is as follows:

I would really welcome some comments on this from those who have experience of these long distance rides. Is it enough? Too much? Enough rest?


  • Sun 8th – 40km
  • Sun 15th – 60km
  • Sun 22nd – 70km
  • Sun 29th – Rest week as working both weekend days. Will try and get a shorter ride in during the week.


  • Sun 5th – 80km
  • Sun 12th – 100km
  • Sun 19th – 100km
  • Sun 26th – Rest


  • Sun 5th – 120km
  • Sat 11th – 120km
  • Sun 19th – 100 miles
  • Sun 26th Rest


  • Sun 2nd – 120km
  • Sat 8th – 150km
  • Sun 16th – Rest
  • Sun 22nd – 200km (Tour De Bedfordshire)
  • Sat/Sun 30th – 130 miles (Overnight test run from Welwyn to Lowestoft)


  • Sun 7th – 100km
  • Sun 14th – 150 miles
  • Sun 21st – Taper/Easy Going
  • Fri 26th – L2L

What do you guys think? Is this a decent plan?

Signing off for now with a real sense of fear of what is ahead! I will try and diarise as much as possible over the coming months so subscribe to my mailing list if you re interested in the updates.


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