CyclingTipsHQ Disclaimer

1) Affiliate Links 

What and how?

If I feel like reviewing or mentioning a particular product on this website, I’ll occasionally provide a link to buy the item on third-party website. Sometime I’ll earn a small commission if you buy the item after following the link, typically 3-5%.

This does not affect the price you’ll pay; the commission comes out of the retailer’s own profit margin.


I love writing about cycling and sharing it with the world however running a website comes at a cost. My aim with affiliate links is to try and recover some of the costs associated with running the site.

Adding a small amount to my income through these links ultimately enables me to spend more time on the site because I’ll be selling less of my time elsewhere to cover the costs of living. I hope that this equation is clear enough, and that you will deem this site’s objectives worthy of your support.

Obligatory Disclaimer

You should be aware that the opinions I express about these products are purely my own, and I provide the links for informational purposes. Whether to buy the item or not is a matter for your discretion alone, and I can’t be held responsible for the failings of any third-party websites or manufacturers.

But since I only recommend products I use myself or have received authoritative recommendations for I don’t expect this to happen very often.

2) Risks

You take any advice from this site entirely at your own risk. I am an amateur cyclist with no formal training in any aspect of what I cover. I offer opinions, ideas and inspiration. Please use your own judgement and discretion when following any of the advice in the articles.