About CyclingTipsHQ

Welcome to CyclingTipsHQ, a site with simple tips to help you learn more about the incredible pastime of cycling.

BenMy name is Ben Reeve and I’m the guy behind CyclingTipsHQ. I founded the site in October 2015 a year or so after getting back into cycling seriously for the first time since my childhood. 
To be clear, I’m not an expert. I’m still learning every single day but as I do I like to try and share the lessons, mistakes and tips I pick up. They say there’s no better teacher than a dedicated student and that’s me! This is very much a site for amateurs cyclists written by an amateur cyclist. What I lack in experience though I make up for in enthusiasm and research!
Some of you who have been riding for years may find some of what is written on the site a little basic, but I would say this site is mostly aimed at new to intermediate cyclists. Having said that there is always something new to pick up so dive in and have a look around. Why not add your own thoughts in to the comments sections and help to make this site the fantastic resource I have always hoped it will become?
I really hope you find this website useful and it helps guide you on the road ahead.
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Ben Reeve, Founder