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36 Affordable Christmas Gifts For Cyclists

36 Affordable Christmas Gifts For Cyclists 1) Buff PRICE: £11-£16 Incredibly versatile headwear perfect for the cooler months. available in loads of different colours and patterns.  2) Vital ID Sports Wristband PRICE: Around £20 Highly reflective wristband that has a…

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Preventing Strava Bike Theft

Preventing Strava Bike Theft It may be something you’ve never thought of but Strava bike theft is a real thing! There are people out there using Strava to target cyclists with expensive bikes and rid them of their pride and…

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Road Cycling Etiquette

Road Cycling Etiquette Etiquette  “the customary code of polite behaviour in society or among members of a particular profession or group”. Road cycling etiquette is much discussed, most often when it’s not there. It normally falls under the bracket of basic…

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